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The reading is listed in block fashion. The reading listed by topic is required (and is finalized through the end of Unit 1). The reading listed under Supplemental Reading is not required. Last update: February 4, 2007.

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for Unit 1

The Church

The Unity of the Church

Read Cyprian, “The Unity of the Catholic Church”


Models of Church Government

Read Paul V. Harrison, "Pastoral Turnover and the Call to Preach," JETS 44:1 (March 2001):87-105


The Church and the World

Read the Barmen Declaration:


The Role of Women and the Church

Read “Men, Women, and Biblical Equality” by Christians for Biblical Equality


Read the Danvers Statement from the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.


The Church and the Parachurch

Read Pyne, "The Church and the Parachurch" Church and the Parachurch.pdf

Read Martin Murphy, "Return to Your Roots"


Sacraments and Ordinances

Read Calvin’s Institutes, Book IV, chapters 15-18 (here again is the link to the full text of the Institutes--you just need to read the appropriate part--you must scroll to it!):

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18


Worship in the Church

"Worship for Postmodern Times” by J. Marva Dawn


The Emerging Church 

Blog post about posting sermons online

Read "Emerging Church Movement" wikipedia article

The Emerging Church by D. A. Carson Modern Reformation Magazine, "Faith a La Carte?"  (July / August 2005 Issue, Vol. 14.4)

Essential Concerns about the Emerging Church



Supplemental Resources




Clarence Larkin’s charts:

A critique of Dispensationalism with kind of fun graphics:

Byron Borger's devastating review of John Eldredge's Wild at Heart


"Critical Review of the Book, Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge" by Daryl Wingerd or


Putting an End to the Worship Wars by Elmer Towns


Another review of Wild at Heart



for Unit 2

The Future

The section will be available in the near future.




Supplemental Resources


Reading for Unit 2

The Future


The section will be available in the near future.



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